Who is Fresh Bread Design?

Fresh Bread Design began in 2012 with the expressed purpose of creating beautiful visual and tactile experiences for the world of luxury spirit, beer and wine. We have spent countless hours honing our craft and immersing ourselves in designing gorgeous packaging and innovative branding that opens doors and increases the reach of our clients.

Your packaging is a definitive reflection of your company to every potential buyer. Fresh Bread Design prides itself in ensuring every potential customer sees the value that comes with purchasing your product. We dig deep to discover what your target market is attracted to and use that information to establish label design strategies, customize or source glass and design exclusive closures. We carry our projects through to the very end, even ensuring the final printed label (whether paper, metal, screen printed or any other) looks and feels better than we anticipated.

Every project is designed specifically to enhance the reputation and bottom line of our clients. And it shows; many of our clients see double digit percentage sales increases, features in magazines/websites and increased distribution opportunities.

Let’s talk about shaping your success.