Chuckanut Bay Distillery knew they needed to have packaging that stood off the shelf while still feeling familiar in order to enter new markets. We knew we needed to maintain an aesthetic that gave a nod to their hometown of Bellingham, WA but we also needed widen the appeal.

We began by creating a bottle that was heavily inspired by pre-prohibition era apothecary style glass. The neck has a slight bulge with an extra wide lip with embossed, punted sides. The label is influenced by turn of the century trade certificates, utilizing halftones, overlays, custom scroll work and topped off with a hand drawn monogram. We paid careful attention to the embellishments, taking care to use the gold foil, embossing and spot gloss varnishes to accentuate key information and create more visual movement. The closure is dipped in gold wax and topped with a detailed wax stamp featuring their monogram.